Palestinians Attack Jews at Temple Mount

Date Posted: 2009-09-27 19:33:49

Some 150 Palestinians surrounded and threw stones at Jewish worshipers visiting the Temple Mount.

Israeli police fired stun grenades and tear gas at the attackers Sunday, on the eve of Yom Kippur. Nine police and 15 Palestinian attackers reportedly were injured. Police also arrested eight Palestinian youth who they say attacked them.

The Temple Mount, which houses two Muslim mosques — al-Aksa and the Dome of the Rock — overlooks the Western Wall, where prayers continued undisturbed Sunday.

Following the incident, the Temple Mount was closed to Jewish visitors, though not to Palestinians. Several Palestinian stone-throwing incidents also were reported in the Old City of Jerusalem following the attack.  

On Saturday night, a closure was imposed on the West Bank until after the Yom Kippur holiday on Monday at midnight.


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