By Peter Paton

America and the West should support the Creation of a Christian Coptic State, and impose this International Partition Solution on Egyptian President Morsi, and the Radical Muslim Brotherhood, as it is becoming crystal clear that Morsi and the MB are setting up a Sharia based Dictatorship on the people of Egypt, and are allowing the persecution and extermination of the Christian Coptic Nationalists. The only thing stopping the #MB from even louder anti-Copt incitement is Egypt’s need for foreign assistance. If the Palestinians attain Statehood, there is also a compelling argument to be made for the Christian Coptics being given their own Statehood, in a Partitioned Egypt. A Christian Coptic State would also serve as a Christian Samaritan Buffer State around Israel, thereby strengthening the National Security and Sovereignty of both countries. Only good could come from this arrangement overseen and protected by the International Community.

US and the West should throw away the Islamists and embrace the Pro-Democracy Camp and the Christian Coptic Nationalists as a credible, responsible alternative, as it is stronger in Egypt than the army and Ikhwan. America and the West must not lose their natural allies and also the high moral ground in the Middle East. There is a real danger and likelihood  that the Islamist constitution will be adopted and passed by rigging the result. Voting in a referendum on an Islamist’s constitution conducted by the Islamists who will definitely rig the result makes no sense. Can President Obama have any faith in an Islamist fascist government’s type of “democracy” ? We can see the brutal and ferocious comparisons in the Mullah run Dictatorship of Iran and the Assad Allawite Dictatorship of Syria. It makes sense and strategic direction for Obama and the West to switch their support now to the Pro Democracy Camp and the Christian Coptic Nationalists.

By now #MB modus operandi is clear. Whip up anger at perceived enemies every time you run into or create a crisis. Governance by riots. Popular support doesn’t mean wise decisions. #Egyptians continued to applaud Nasser well after he capsized the country. #MB recreates Nasser’s tactics of relying on masses to support increasingly authoritarian decisions. Works until the first massive failure. The #Sudan is the laboratory where #MB experiments with aspects of its project. Look south to see the future. Those of us who were conversant with #Sudan ,long before it became Hollywood sexy, find dispiriting echoes in today’s #Egypt. Almost all those voting on the constitution will not have read it. #MB is going to rely on fear & division to ram it through.  It abridges most human rights in fact. A constitution for & by a small male minority. #MB is pulling all the stops to ram through in less than 2 weeks a constitution based on ill-will and loaded with trap doors. #Egypt. #MB was always suspect in Egyptian eyes because it never unambiguously accepted the idea of an integral #Egyptian polity. What is the purpose of a constitution that doesn’t automatically guarantee citizenship & allows forced evacuations. #Egypt #MB. The proposed #Egyptian constitution does not automatically guarantee citizenship to all Egyptians.  Some Islamists’ view that democracy is a blank check for majority is why most Islamists governance leads to partition or civil war. #MB A disaster waiting to happen. The non inclusive and illiberal nature of Islamist governance is why Egypt, Sudan, Somalia and Afghanistan have been / will be broken up.

Peter Paton is an International PR and Strategic Adviser

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