By Peter Paton

The extreme Right Wing Golden Dawn Party which originated and is based in Greece, has started an irrepressible Movement, which is expanding  into America, Britain,  Australia and Europe, as more and more people in these countries become disenchanted with their current insipid leaders and parties, who have brought about a Triple Dip Recession, Mass Unemployment and Poverty, and widespread Corruption and Fraud in National Banks and Institutions.

With Conservatives and Tea Party supporters feeling badly let down by the Republican and GOP Party in America, and looking at four more gruelling and austere years under the Obama Regime, and the Clarion Call going out for a Third Party to be formed or materialize, the lure of the Nationalistic Golden Dawn Party may be music to their ears. Similarly in Britain, many Conservatives and Right Wingers are disillusioned with the perceived Liberal policies of David Cameron and Nick Clegg, and the current clamor against Europe, Mass Immigration, Gay Marriages etc, the seeds may very well have been sown for the Golden Dawn Party to emerge in the UK.

One thing is abundantly clear in today’s political party systems is that they have failed repeatedly and abjectly to deliver the people’s intentions and aspirations, both Stateside and on the other side of the Big Pond, and they have presided over the biggest meltdown of people’s finances, rights and quality of life, therefore it would not take a great leap of imagination to foresee a radical right wing party like the Golden Dawn Party exploiting this situation, and jumping in to fill the vacuum.

Peter Paton is an International PR and Strategic Adviser

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