2012 Year in Review: Media Bias Report

2012 Year in Review

April 4, 2013 10:14

HonestReporting's 2012 Year in Review

HonestReporting’s 2012 Year in Review (Click to Download)

2012 witnessed some of the most exciting developments in our recent history. Central to our growth and achievements has been our new International Headquarters in Jerusalem. Our first editorial base is also the home of our lecture facility complete with a rooftop deck designed to cater for student and mission groups from all over the world.

Operation Pillar of Defense saw our new premises transformed into a “war room,” for our media monitoring efforts. Being ready for action and working together in real time afforded us a tactical edge to swiftly counter the lies and misinformation before they could gain a foothold. In fact, our ability to identify, verify and publish a counter effort to the “fake injury” footage (see page 10) was achieved in less than 90 minutes. Our response was shared and elevated as the authoritative account of this fake footage story. So important was the rapid-response capability of our work that over a quarter of a million people saw our video bulletin within 48 hours. CNN and BBC had no option but to evaluate and reconsider the source of the Reuters footage in question.

This publication (PDF format) contains underlined hyperlinks; clicking them from the PDF will open related web pages. The links (and other resources) are listed below for your convenience. The PDF’s Table of Contents is linked to interior pages. Our 24-page Year in Review includes:

  • Website Growth / Breadth of and Speed of Content
  • MediaCentral Report
  • Case Studies of Note / Landmark Legal Success
  • Operation Pillar of Defense
  • HR in the Media
  • Around the Globe / Expanding Horizons
  • Social Media and Multimedia
  • “Inside Israel” Missions
  • U.S. Executive Director’s Report
2012 Year in Review: Media Bias Report from HonestReporting (2.6 MB, 289 downloads)

Download a FREE PDF of the 2012 Year in Review now and forward it to someone who cares for Israel. HonestReporting is on the frontlines of the fight against anti-Israel bias in the mainstream press and on the Internet.

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