Mexican Illegal Alien Proves Donald Trump’s Point!


By John W. Lillpop

Donald Trump recently committed the unforgivable sin of telling the truth in a media environment where anything but Politically correct babble is routinely rejected as racist, sexist, and otherwise unsuitable for prime time, regardless of how factual.

Trump said the following about the type of folks that come to America from 3rd-world Mexico: “When Mexico sends its people, they’re not sending their best,” he said. “They’re sending people that have lots of problems…they’re bringing drugs, they’re bringing crime.”

Naturally, The Donald was immediately characterized as a racist villain in the mainstream media by NBC and other stalwart defenders of false narratives about illegal aliens.

As ridicule continued to pour down on the hapless Donald, all alone in his truthful crusade, a tragic scene was playing out in San Francisco, a so-called “Sanctuary” city for illegal aliens and other criminals.

The very type of insanity cited by Trump was carried out by Francisco Sanchez, an illegal alien from Mexico who had been deported five previous times!

As reported at the reference:

“A man suspected in the shooting death of a woman at a busy San Francisco tourist destination has seven felony convictions and has been deported five times, most recently in 2009, a federal agency said Friday.
U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement had turned Francisco Sanchez over to San Francisco police March 26 on an outstanding drug warrant, agency spokeswoman Virginia Kice said. His criminal history includes seven prior felony convictions, four involving narcotics charges.
Kice said ICE issued a detainer for Sanchez in March, requesting to be notified if he was going to be released. The detainer was not honored, she said.
Friday evening, an attorney for the San Francisco Sheriff’s Department said it had no authority to honor the immigration hold. Freya Horne said that federal detention orders are not a “legal basis” to hold someone, so Sanchez was released April 15.
San Francisco is one of many “sanctuary cities,” which prohibits city employees from helping ICE with immigration investigations or arrests unless it is required by law or there is an active arrest warrant, CBS News affiliate KPIX reported. “

Because San Francisco is a progressive nut house that invites and promotes anarchy, an innocent young woman Kathryn Steinle, 32, was gunned down while out for an evening stroll with her father along the waterfront.

This incident proves, at least partially, the veracity of Trump’s charges but also points out the idiocy of San Francisco liberals.

An urgent change is needed:

Federal authorities should be prohibited from releasing criminals to authorities or law enforcement in California, especially in the lawless jungle of leftist lunacy known as San Francisco!


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  1. In the latest New Hampshire, Iowa and national GOP polls, Trump has rocketed to second place. This shows that Americans are tired of the influx of illegal immigrants and the non-existent border security. They are tired of illegal aliens committing crimes, receiving federal benefits and taking jobs away from law abiding citizens.

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