Texas Sen. Ted Cruz is the projected winner of the Republican Iowa caucuses

BREAKING NEWS:  Texas Sen. Ted Cruz is the projected winner of the Republican Iowa caucuses. Full results via the Associated Press here.



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  1. I was with carson then cruz, Cruz no more.

    I like Ted Cruz but what his campaign did concerning Carson is absolutely despicable.
    I hope that is not the “real” Ted Cruz.
    I thought all the Republican candidates were better than that.

    Cruz has apologized but the damage is already done and that has tainted the entire Republican Iowa results and hurt Carson and Trump.

    I have done a lot of campaign consulting in the past and you just do not do announcements about the opponents campaign unless you know it is fact from the candidate them-self or you are doing a dirty trick behind the back whisper campaign.
    And that especially goes for last minute announcements because what you could gain for a temporary strategic advantage is normally lost by long term disdain and distrust and disgust for such tactics.

    I really feel bad for Carson especially but also Trump.

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    • It does not sound like you support Cruz since you abandon him so quickly and without getting all of the facts yourself.

      CNN and many news organizations were reporting that Carson was not going to New Hampshire and South Carolina and instead was going home. Cruz’s campaign simply repeated what they had heard. Even Fox News (Megyn Kelly and Bret Baier) thought Carson was dropping out and discussed it after CNN’s reporting.

      Besides this being reported by the media, Rubio was taking the opportunity to report this and encourage voters to caucus for him. Where are all of the calls against Rubio or is it OK for him to do this because he is the establishment candidate? Read this:

      What might be worse is that a staffer in Carson’s campaign is the one that spread this to the news outlets. Who discusses and puts it out there unless the candidate is preparing to suspend his campaign?

      Ted Cruz made the upstanding choice to apologize (even though it was not his fault) and it appears that Carson understood. Carson’s mailers are now discussing what the media did to him and he does not mention Cruz or any other candidate. He only mentions CNN and the media.

      This is an effort by leftist Trump and the media to derail Cruz, the only conservative in this race. Right after everyone was lavishing praise on Trump for being a gracious loser, the truth again came out that Trump is nothing but a sore loser and a nasty, vile one at that.

      There have been many signs that Carson was going to suspend his campaign with many staffers going to Cruz and his Super PAC in New Hampshire now supporting Cruz. After this news story from CNN, the Cruz campaign thought this was the likely next step for Dr. Ben Carson. Carson has stated many times that he wants to see this country restored to its rightful standing. If that is really true, then maybe he should get out of the race and let any conservatives backing him coalesce behind Cruz so that a conservative can win the White House. Carson and Cruz are the only conservatives left in the race.

      Listen to Ted Cruz on the Sean Hannity show to learn more:

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      • If Cruz gets the nomination, sure as heck someone will sue and he will be thrown out on the basis of citizenship and not qualifying. The GOP will rejoice because then they will have to pick a candidate to run. Guess who it will be. Jeb or Marco.

        US law does in fact require someone foreign born of an American Citizen to file naturalization papers, meaning the child is NOT a natural born Citizen. The Minor v Happersett Supreme Court precedent ruled that a natural born Citizen is born in the USA of American parents.

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