Rabbinic Group For Trump Disbands on the Eve of the New Hampshire Primary

By David Bedein, Israel Behind the News

trumpA few months ago, Rabbi Dr. Bernhard Rosenberg launched a modest effort to galvanize Jewish support for Donald Trump.

Rabbi Rosenberg maintained that his instincts were that Trump would make a strong President who would be both fair and friendly to Israel.

Issuing numerous press releases under the name of RABBIS FOR TRUMP, Rabbi Rosenberg eventually changed the name of the organization to RABBI FOR TRUMP and opened it to non Jews. This did very well. The instructions were to press the “like” button. The new group got 1500 hits in a matter of a few days.

However, Trump made statements at the Republican Jewish Coalition which questioned whether Israel had the right to claim all of Jerusalem and which indicated that Trump may impose his own diplomatic solution, which angered many at at the RNC.

At that same RNC venue, Trump stated he did not need to run after Jewish donors , which only added flames of anger against Trump.

Following the RNC incident, Rabbi Rosenberg began to get calls from the press about Trump’s position about Israel.

Rabbi Rosenberg did the logical thing and called the Trump headquarters to ask for the Trump platform on Israel. No response.

Our news agency, which has covered the Israel aspects of every US election since 1988. also called the Trump HQ and asked the Trump headquarters for the Trump Israel platform.

We got no response except for a statement from someone who answers the Trump HQ telephone that “he is pro Israel.”

Over the past month, Rabbi Rosenberg called the Trump campaign numerous times and asked for the Trump platform on Israel.

The Republicans Abroad chapter in Israel confirmed that they also could not get an answer about Trump’s Israel platform.

Someone who volunteered in the Trump campaign told Rabbi Rosenberg that the Jewish vote was unimportant and that an Israeli platform was not needed.

That was the straw that broke the camel’s back. Rabbi Rosenberg had enough and has disbanded his Rabbi for Trump organization, on the eve of the crucial New Hampshire primary.

Rabbi Rosenberg, a well known activist , author and scholar, recently retired as a congregation Rabbi in Edison, New Jersey.

At a time when the Trump Campaign now attacks Rabbi Rosenberg for jumping ship, ?It would seem that Rabbi Rosenberg should be praised for his intellectual honesty.

In Rabbi Rosenberg’s words, his “love for Israel and the Jewish people supersedes any loyalty to a political candidate.”

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  1. I doubt if the Trump campaign has any concrete policy except to make speeches, excite an angry voter constituency, and post wins for Trump. I’m sure it’s all about votes and majorities, for when has he addressed any issue specifically? So far, it’s all “pie in the sky” and he’s not as committed as his voters seem to be.

    I also think that his advisors consider the Jewish vote as loyal to the Democrat Party, unfortunately it has proved as much, diminishing little for Obama’s reelection after how he’s alienated Netanyahu and Israel. Democrats are confirmed leftists, and the line is drawn between their political agenda and religion, be it Christian faiths or Judaism. It seems the political ideology takes precedence, and these people can be secular 90%-95% of the time, yet be counted as Jewish for political census purposes. It’s a confusing issue and Israelis are doubtful that these folks have the same concerns as they, Israelis, have. Really, they don’t.

    It’s also unfortunate that whomever was addressed about Trump’s policy toward Jewish issues, it was not Trump himself, it was a subordinate for a man whose only well-known ideology is to defer Muslim refugees from entering our country “until we can figure out what’s going on,” or words to that effect. Not very clear what all that means, don’t you agree? Until Trump would become a U.S. President, his words re: Muslims are all speculation, though there are so many people who’re ready to “take that to the bank.” It’s all speeches and innuendo at this point of only one primary and one caucus. There’s plenty yet to go.

    Let’s see if Trump can solidify his campaign until we think we can bank upon any policy he’d suggest.

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