Watch: How do Europeans respond to ‘settlement’ chocolate?

What does the average European think about the recent EU decision to label Jewish goods from Judea-Samaria? The Lev HaOlam organization set up shop in a central Amsterdam square to find out.

Equipped with a tray of chocolates produced in Hevron, they group offered the chocolates to passersby and asked if they’d heard about the EU’s controversial decision.

Surprisingly, many of the tasters said they had not heard about the decision to label so-called “settlement” products.

“If we chanced upon those who’d heard about the decision, we were embraced with a hug and passionate support,” said Lev HaOlam chairman Nati Rom. “People don’t like boycotts, from our perspective and theirs, it’s not how people should act.”

Through Lev HaOlam, Rom hopes to counter the Israel boycott movement by providing Israel supporters around the world with locally-produced goods directly from manufacturers in Judea and Samaria.

Every month, hundreds of packages containing a full range of products, from chocolate to wine to jewelry, are shipped to customers across the globe in countries such as Norway, Sweden, Italy, the USA, Germany and many more.

The organization is growing exponentially and has even seen a 30% increase in sales since the EU’s labeling decision went into effect.

“I call on all those who oppose boycotts and support Israel to join and be a partner to Lev HaOlam,” Rom concluded.

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