The Genie Is Out Of The Bottle- How The West Sold Its Soul To Islam


John Griffing at American Thinker has penned a thoughtful piece about the decline of the West and Islam’s subsequent rise. As he notes in his article:

Western leaders are aiding and abetting this insanity with a consistency and single-mindedness of purpose that can only be explained in one way: they must think they have something to gain from the chaos created by this crisis.

What other conclusion can be drawn from the brazen ascendancy of Islam in the western world, and the deafening silence that permits its success?  Clearly, Western leaders think they can use Islam for their own ends, to consolidate their own power.

Whether their motivations are globalist, nationalist, pro-Islam, or merely megalomaniacal, they all seem to hold one belief in common: the belief that they can control Muslim migration to create the chaos necessary to justify their predetermined solutions. 

These European — and American — leaders think they can control what is pouring out of the Pandora’s box they’ve thrown open; they think they can put the Jinn back in the bottle at their whim.

There is only one problem with his article- that is, that Christianity and specifically, the Catholic Faith which gave birth to these ancient lands has been aborted from her own home in the name of “progress.” Indeed, the moral, cultural, and social decay which is so rampant and wantonly open is a sign of the West’s apostasy.

The lessons of the past show that Islam is merely a patch on a civilizational hole. However wretched a substitute it is, nevertheless Islam historically fills a spiritual, moral, and social vacuum in a society which has become indifferent to or apostatized from the Catholic Faith. Indeed, the rise and fall of Islamic empires can be written in terms of the extent to which heresy has been allowed to be propagated or forcefully exterminated from a people.

The European people- from the smallest to the largest- let the genie out of of the bottle by making a Faustian bargain and have enjoyed the riches of the world and amused themselves with every “ism” the world has to offer. But the day of reckoning is at hand just as it befell Faust, for now Mephistopheles has come to collect his due.

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