Trump Too Busy for Debate, But Now Available for CNN Event

Donald Trump announced that he could not attend the Fox News debate in Salt Lake City, Utah, on Monday due to a scheduling conflict with AIPAC (AIPAC could reschedule since it is a multi-day conference), and it was promptly canceled.  Now, he is suddenly available for a CNN prime-time event.

It sure looks like Trump just does not want to debate Ted Cruz since this event will only involve candidate interviews.

trump-cruz-battleFrom CNN:

CNN announced today that Anderson Cooper and Wolf Blitzer will host a three-hour primetime event with both Republican and Democratic presidential hopefuls on Monday March 21 from 8 to 11 pm ET. The event will take place just before the ‘Western Tuesday’ primary contests in Arizona, Utah and Idaho (D).

Donald Trump, Texas Senator Ted Cruz, Ohio Governor John Kasich and Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton will each be individually interviewed in the CNN Election Center in Washington, D.C. while Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders will be interviewed from the campaign trail.

The event will air from 8-11 pm ET on CNN, CNN International and CNN en Espanol, and will be live-streamed online and across mobile devices via CNNgo.

From The Right Scoop:

This just proves that Trump is worried about his lead and doesn’t want to debate Cruz man to man. His excuse about his AIPAC speech was just another lie.

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  1. Maybe Trump doesn’t think Cruz is worthy of his time. I sure don’t think Cruz is worthy of anything. If he were to become the nominee I won’t vote for him.. He is a proven liar.. it also looks like he had an affair with a women.. at least that is the rumor going around. I don’t think he is worthy of being our president for a lot of reasons. I think Trump is the only person that can and will save America. He can’t be bought … and that is the problem with the RNC.. they don’t want an honest person in there.. that would take away their dishonest games to gain more and more money and power. Cruz is one of them and never doubt it !

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    • Judy,
      Wise up chick. Cruz has not lied. Of course it’s easy to accuse him of doing so but let’s take it a step further. What has he lied about? When? Where? I want proof, not just canned trump rhetoric. An affair? That’s so laughable it’s not even worth discussing. Trump on the other hand, flaunts his past affairs but that’s ok? What a hypocrite we paint ourselves as being… And finally, I thoroughly enjoy informing you that Trump is bought. He’s owned by just about every large bank in this country, and is just as corrupt as the politicians he has given money to in return for favors. He has flip flopped on every single promise he’s made to date. Why? Because there is no truth in his words. If all you can do is smear Ted Cruz, then you know absolutely nothing about him.

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      • Claudia, thanks for your comment and for disputing the utter nonsense that liberals like Judy spew. They imitate Trump’s rhetoric, but cannot point to any facts at all.

        These liberals are voting in the Republican primaries because they know Trump loses to Hillary. Of course, they will vote for Hillary in the general election.

        For the few Trump supporters who are actually Republican, let’s hope these people educate themselves soon before we are stuck with Hillary as President.

        We have the rare opportunity to vote and elect Ted Cruz, a true principled conservative who is a good and honest man.

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        • I agree with Claudia and Kalel. They basically cover it. Looking forward to cheering at President Cruz’s swearing in ceremony next January. The begining of the Restoration of the Rule of Law and our Constitution.

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    • Judy, where is your proof that Cruz is a us some sources, links to this proof. Are you pulling this affair out of thin air or are you substituting Cruz’ name for Trump. One more thing, you need to vote for whichever candidate is the Republican nominee to keep Hillary out of the WH. You do realize that within the next 4-5 years we will be replacing 3 or 4 SC justices. Do want them replaced with liberal judges or judges who will abide by the constitution

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  2. Can you imagine Cruz asking us to boycott a reporter? Megyn Kelly? NO, but the power mad Trump has done just that. What kind of mindless puppet would appease Trump’s ego by doing so? i would want to know why a reporter so endangered this misogamist that he wants her gone.Does he realize we have a first amendment right to not like him and to say so? Not in Trump’s world we won’t. I sincerely hope all people tell him to shove his boycott and stop harassing Megyn.

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  3. Cruz is slimy. While he’s the most ideologically and demagogic conservative candidate to rise to this level Cruz tends to come off as a slippery door-to-door vacuum cleaner salesman. Authenticity and genuine sincerity aren’t traits often associated with Cruz, and his slick political acumen is transparently fake. His conservatism might overcome his shortcomings with the notoriously fringe-like GOP Iowa caucus-goers, but it seems unlikely that he’d pass the authenticity sniff test among less radical GOP voters post-Iowa.

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    • There is nothing fake about Ted Cruz.

      If you look at records, Cruz has a PROVEN record of doing what he said he would do and of defending freedom and the Constitution.

      Trump’s record is, unfortunately, very poor. Trump tells people what they want to hear and is using the same deal-making tactics that he has promoted for so many years which includes lying to make a good deal (for himself).

      If you want to be honest with yourself, you will see that the candidate who is fake and does not walk the walk is the Democrat running for the Republican Presidential nomination (Trump).

      Ted Cruz has beaten Trump in many states now and not just Iowa. In fact, in the polls that Trump loves so much, Cruz consistently beats Trump head-to-head by double digits. Voters are absolutely coming out for Ted Cruz because we finally have a candidate we can trust.

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