michelle-obama-with-rapperMichelle Obama’s in New Hampshire,  she’s commenting on Trump’s locker room talk, and she says, “It’s not locker room talk.  I don’t know men who talk that way.  Decent men do not talk that way.  What Trump was talking about was sexual assault,” she said.  “Donald Trump was acting out sexual assault, and it is intolerable.”  Something… You know, Trump said… If you go back to this audiotape, he said, “When you’re a celebrity, they let you do anything.”  How can there be assault if somebody’s granting permission?

She doesn’t know men who talk that way.  She doesn’t know decent guys who talk that way. Except its all over the hip-hop lyrics.  The Obama’s have invited them to the White House to perform and then bestowed great honors on them.

Michele by inviting these rappers to the Whitehouse that sing lyrics demeaning woman, she is supporting that and telling our children its okay to treat woman as these rappers sing in their lyrics.

And if you’re asking: No, she hasn’t had a comment on her husband parading around an airplane 2007 with an erection in front of a bunch of impressed female infobabes. She hasn’t commented on that.


I guess Michelle Obama wasn’t there when the Reverend Wright was talking about Bill Clinton.  You remember what Reverend Wright said about Bill Clinton, Monica Lewinsky? (interrupting) No.  That’s not what he said. (impression) “And Bill and Monica Lewinsky was riding dirty.  Yeah, chickens have come home to roost, baby.”  “Bill was riding dirty,” and the population, the congregation went nuts.


Michelle Obama says she doesn’t know men that talk like Donald Trump.  She’s forgotten Reverend Wright talking about Bill Clinton and Monica.  She Forgot about Aqib Talib.

Aqib Talib is a cornerback for the Denver Broncos, played at the University of Kansas.  He’s also played New England, the Patriots, for Bill Belichick.  He’s now at Denver.  And on Tuesday he told the media in Denver that Trump, yeah, he might fit in in the Broncos locker room. Yeah, yeah, I recognize that. Yeah, we got guys that talk that way in the locker room.




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