France’s Marine Le Pen is Anti-Semitic: Wants to Ban Kippahs

Marine Le Pen

Marine Le Pen

Antisemitism pervades the right side of the French political spectrum. The president of the right wing National Front party, Marine Le Pen, said there should be a ban on kippah wearing in France.

After she called for a ban on Muslims from wearing head coverings, now Le Pen is calling for a ban on kippahs in the name of equality between Muslims and Jews in the country.

“If we banned the burka, we should also ban kippahs in the entire public sector,” Le Pen claimed and said that she has nothing against wearing kippahs but “in the name of equality we have to do this. We cannot just ban Muslim dress because then they will say we hate Muslims.”

The Jewish community, which heard about this statement just before the Sukkot holiday, responded with outrage, calling Le Pen “the despised woman.”

The National Front Party won over 20% in the last elections and her stance is anti-religious, although Muslims always stood as a top priority for party criticism. This is not the first time Le Pen has expressed positions that offended Jews; previously, she called for a ban on prayer in schools and a ban on providing kosher and halal meals in schools.

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  1. Not sure if she is anti anti semitic, she it just to extreme wants to ban all religious attire including Christian and Jewish.

    She thinks this will moderate the Muslims in France and force them to stop wearing Hajibs or any Muslim clothing. So we all have to suffer due to the Muslims.

    Marine Le Pen is also said to declare war against Christians, saying that she will utterly ban all Christian crosses, symbols and clothing from public life, even going to so far as to say that she will abolish any Christian imagery from any all public schools.

    Marine Le Pen, the far-right leader in France, has promised to ban all religious clothing including Christian symbols, in a bid to defeat radical Islam.

    She said on Sunday that Jews and Christians would have to accept the ban in order to “fight the advance of political Islam”.

    If elected in April and May next year Le Pen, 48, said she would extend the current ban on religious symbols in state schools to all public spaces.

    “I know this is a sacrifice, but I believe that the situation is too serious today.”

    The proposed ban would include Christian crosses and Jewish kippah as well as Muslim garments like the hijab and burka.

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    • True, but by definition what she wants to do is anti-Semitic.

      She just happens to also be anti-Christian.

      She is equating the kippah with a burka, but a kippah is not a security risk. That is the difference. A terrorist/criminal can hide weapons underneath a burka.

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