General Manaf Tlas set to become Syrian Leader

General Manaf Tlas set to become Syrian Leader

By Peter Paton


President Putin and Russia have gave their blessing to General Manaf Tlas being the next leader of Syria.

Defected Syrian Sunni General Manaf Tlass has made his pitch to be the next  President of Syria, until a Civilian Government can be elected in a Free Syria. Syrian General Tlass’s Press Conference in Paris made his position abundantly clear, that he alone is in the unique position to be the undisputed Sunni leader of a liberated Syria.

Tlass was the highest-level defector from the Syrian regime since the conflict started some 16 months ago. He was a member of the elite Republican Guard and son of former Defense Minister Mustafa Tlass, who served under Assad’s father. GeneralManaf Tlas couldl serve as Syria’s Kerensky – a temporary bridge between the Ancient Régime & the Syrian Revolution.

45 officers of General Tlass’s family defected from the brutul Assad regime Defense Minister General Mustafa Tlass, Firas Tlass, informed Asharq Al-Awsat that a total of 45 members of the Tlass family have defected from the al-Assad regime, including his younger brother and boyhood friend of Bashar al-Assad, Brigadier General Manaf Tlass. The Tlass family is a prominent Syrian Sunni family with long-standing ties to the al-Assad regime. Mustafa Tlass previously served as Syrian Defense Minister under president Hafez al-Assad, as well as his son and successor Bashar al-Assad, whilst his son, Manaf Tlass, was a childhood friend of Bashar al-Assad whose defection earlier this month served as a shock to the al-Assad regime. The Tlassfamily reportedly has strong ties to the Free Syrian Army [FSA], with Abdul Razzaq Tlass – nephew of Mustafa Tlas and cousin to Manaf Tlas – serving as the commander of the FSA al-Farouq Brigade, which has fought running battles with regime forces in Rastan and the outlying areas.

Tlas2What is now crystal clear is that General Manaf Tlas is in pole position to replace  Bashar Assad as the next President of Syria, and Tlass is meant to have the political backing of America, Nato, Saudi Arabia and Sunni Regimes, who see ManafTlass as the ideal candidate to heal the wounds and scars of a battle torn Syria.

Peter Paton is an International PR and Strategic Adviser

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  1. Of course, the 45 members of the Tlas family would have defected from the Assad regime. The Tlas family follows the Sunni Muslim persuasion, Assad is an Alawite Muslim which is a variation of Shia Islam. The Sunni and the Shia have been hating each other for only about 800 years, that’s all! Plenty of blood has flowed between the two sects.

    The reason Assad gets Iranian help is because Iran is the most major Shia Islamic nation, but Shia Islam has about 25%=- of the Sunni Islam population in the Middle East & Africa.
    Yet, Christians have been brutally persecuted by Sunnis, which ISIS represents. Under Assad-Alawite Shia regime, Christians were able to live peacefully with Muslim Arabs…Alawites are also Arabs. But, at least they (Christians) weren’t a disappearing breed under Shia Islam rule (Assad)

    So, I cannot say that Assad was brutal, but if so, could he be more brutal than Sunni ISIS whose brutality to Shias,Yazidis, Kurds,and Christians is absolutely horrible…inhuman.

    I think if Tlas is backed by both sides to take over Syria, Assad has a domecile awaiting him in Russia if he wants to safely leave. I imagine that would entail his substantial family. Russia will cooperate, it really likes that Syrian military base at Latakia, now an important stop for the powerful Russian naval fleet. Putin will negotiate that issue, to be sure.

    Overall, I think combatants on both sides are tired of the attrition, it has been huge. A deal is obviously being cooked-up, but here is a military guy (Tlas) who claims he’s the only one capable of operating a Syrian government in peace, and he’ll do that only until Syria has a civilian leader. Does that matter in that Arab region? I think not, but that’s me. I’m not on the ground in that combat zone.

    Frankly, I doubt Tlas’ intentions, I think he would come to covet a Syrian military-led government with him in command. It’s in his make-up.
    Syria has its own enemies right in its neighborhood. One is Israel which has always bested Syria, and Syria wants revenge.

    Again, we have the koran dictating what Muslims are directed to do to Jews. Israelis won’t stand for that, if Tlas drags Syria in against Israel. Iran will also have to pull out of the Syrian territory, and Turkey has always schemed to revive the Turkish Empire, that issue hangs there always. They want to restore the Turkish Empire just as strongly as Putin wants to restore the former Soviet Union’s power.

    These two nations have designs on imperialism in their neighborhoods.
    Again, all are fatigued with the attrition, but all have thoughts of grandeur too.

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