President Trump invited sheriffs from all across the country to the White House today to discuss increasing and providing support to law enforcement.  Incredibly, we were informed that Obama had just dictated policy and discussed gun control to the sheriffs when he had invited them to the White House.  Obama did not ask for their input.  Trump did something else that Obama did not do.  Trump invited them to see the Oval Office which was only about ten feet away from where the meeting took place.  We also learned that law enforcement at the border has seen a dramatic change since Obama was in office where it was virtually nonexistent.  In just two weeks, Trump has made a serious impact to law enforcement policies in order to protect Americans that Obama did not have the desire to do.

Watch the candid conversation between President Trump and the sheriffs below.

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UNPRECEDENTED! Watch President Trump Invite Sheriffs from Across the USA to White House to Ask Their Opinions, 10.0 out of 10 based on 3 ratings