Fake News Gotcha Story of the Week

One of the big “gotcha” stories this week was “broken” by the Huffington Post. Numerous people were waving a Russian flag with Trump’s name on it at CPAC, a conservative convention.

Typical of the liberal mainstream news media. Instead of reporting the news truthfully and factually, they create it using lies and false narratives.

When someone reviewed the video they had taken, they discovered who was handing out the flags….

A Huffington Post writer.

And liberals keep whining about “fake news”, they are the Fake News, the Liberal Propaganda machine at work.

The distribution of the flags turned out to be orchestrated by left-wing activists Jason Charter and Ryan Clayton, who are both associated with the protest group Americans Take Action. A tweet by Economist bureau chief David Rennie showed Clayton, who many attendees apparently mistook for a staffer, being ejected from the CPAC floor.

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