Britain should have Intelligence Hubs in the Five Major Cities

By Peter Paton

In the wake of the horrific Islamic Terror attack in Manchester, the UK Government should set up immediately Intelligence Hubs in the Four Major British Cities, London, Manchester, Glasgow Swansea and Belfast, to detect, prevent and combat ISIS cells from initiating attacks on high value targets in Britain.

As it stands Britain is at a great strategic disadvantage with all our Intelligence Services centralised in London, which means the eyes and ears of our spy network does not know what is happening on the ground, and grants the implacable  enemy the advantage of being able to conspire, plot and execute terrorist attacks with impunity and cover on our unwitting and defenceless citizens across the land.

The other distinct handicap of having MI5 , MI6 and GCHQ based in London is that many potential graduates and recruits are discouraged from applying for positions with the UK Intelligence Services, because of the great distance, travel, cost and family upheavals involved in relocating from places like Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales to take up potential spy positions in the Capital.

We are losing some of the greatest and brightest potential recruits in the fields of Counter Terrorism, Cyber Security, and Intelligence officers by not having Intelligence centres in these four major British cities, and the terrorists are being given a head start in the War on Islamic Terrorism, a battle which we must win in the West.

Peter Paton is an International PR and Strategic Adviser

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  1. Ach! Zo? It was Salman Abedi and not John Schmidt? But Islam had nothing to do with this.

    An opportunity for everybody to tip toe around the truth which is that Islam, the Quran and the Hadiths did this.

    I visited Manchester just once to call on the moribund National Computing Center to offer them my expertise in “Computer Based Training”. In 1991. They were a xenophobic lot under siege. I stayed in a hotel close by. There was the inevitable Mosque and the Aazan. The lobby over flowed with well turned out women hoping that I might be an Arab Sheikh. The Police at the airport were armed with machine carbines. In 1991. Downing Street had already been barricaded and you could no logner stroll past for a photograph outside “10” as I did in 1988. Twenty Five Years thence, not withstanding Finsbury Park Mosque, Rotherham, and men in beards and soiled pyjama suits laying down the law on London’s streets, Britain still refuses to face the truth. Masochists in the very image of their stooge, Khilafart Gandhi.

    That Islam, the Quran and the Hadiths are the enemy

    I used to visit London frequently from the ‘80s onwards which supplied another side. I used to be mistaken for a Pakistani and with an assumed “Nom de Guerre” I cavorted with young Pakistanis. Much of what is happening around the World now was discussed in those circles then as the natural direction of Islam as laid out in the Quran and the Hadiths. I could scarcely believe any of it myself at that time until the pieces began to fall in place, here and there, in bits and pieces. The one thing that did not test my credulity at that time was their absolute ruthlessness with all things Non Moslem and the absolute amoral contempt and lust with which they treated English (white) women in Green Room discussions while being generous and polite to them when occasion demanded. They were absolute riff raf with no morals beyond an admiration for and a desire to do to Europe what Mahomet had visited upon the Benni Quraisa at Muqqa. This they recounted to each other with relish.

    Arraigned against idiots who refuse to see the Quran and the Hadiths as the enemy, Islam will win.

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