Feminist Academic Bemoans State of Journalism, Says ‘It’s Obscene’

Renowned feminist academic Camille Paglia did not shy away from criticizing the mainstream media and the Democratic Party on Sean Hannity’s radio show Tuesday, calling the state of journalism “obscene” and “outrageous.”

Paglia blamed the Democratic Party for the current state of journalism, despite being a Democrat herself. “I’m a Democrat, and I voted for Bernie Sanders … but I’m committed to the reform of my party,” she said. “I think it’s absolutely grotesque the way my party has destroyed journalism.”


“It shows that the Democrats are nothing now but words and fantasy and hallucination and Hollywood,” Paglia continued after Hannity asked her what she thought of violent rhetoric in the media. “There’s no journalism left. What’s happened to The New York Times? What’s happened to the major networks? It’s an outrage.”

According to the feminist academic, it will take “decades” for the media to reverse “this atrocity that’s going on where the news media have turned themselves over into the most childish fraternity, kind of buffoonish behavior.”

Paglia is a professor of media studies at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She is well known for being a left-leaning thinker who is highly critical of faults she finds in her own movement.

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  1. Yes. Journalist are willingly ignorant about Quran followers. They put on an air of innocence and or I can do-nothing wrong or we are the victim or I am against terrorism lying all the while. The journalists think the Muslims are honest doing what they want and voila we have a mock set with Muslims in it. Muslims are fooling innocent people to do what Muslims want to spread their lies.

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