Why Theresa May’s Election Win has made her even Stronger

By Peter Paton

By a curious and unexplainable quirk of fate and circumstance, Prime Minister Theresa May as a result of her narrow Election win, finds herself and her Conservative Party in an even stronger and more enhanced position, than before the Vote took place.

This inexplicable situation arises in the spectacular fall out and mysterious outcome that has arisen in Parliament and the wider country at large for all the following reasons.

  1. The Supply and Confidence Deal with the Ulster Unionists ( DUP) ensures the necessary Checks and Balances on a Government to fulfil and honor its Manifesto Obligations to the Electorate and be able to survive its five year Parliamentary mandate.
  2. The SNP have lost 21 seats including its two biggest political beasts, Angus Robertson and Alex Salmond, and the SNP’s leader Nicola Sturgeon’s obsessive plans for a second IndyRef now lie in tatters, and her reputation and standing shredded, leaving her open and vulnerable to a Leadership Challenge, that can only be good for Theresa May.
  3. The rise of endemic Voter Fraud in Britain will now be directly addressed and combated by the Conservative Party in time for the next election in 2022, with Picture ID and Proof of Address likely to be made compulsory, and Postal Voting strictly limited to the Elderly and Disabled.
  4. The Christian and Right Wing DUP’s Doctrine will mesh well with Theresa May’s background as a Pastor’s daughter, and will probably lead to a renewal of Christian Principles and Community Spirit in the UK.
  5. Labour’s leader Jeremy Corbyn now finds himself in a inescapable bind and strait jacket having probably reached the zenith of his popularity, and boxed in on every side with Labour Rebels undermining his ranks on the thorny subjects of Brexit, Austerity and Trident.
  6. The Liberal Party is in free fall with the leaders Tim Farron and Nick Clegg having lost their seats and vanquished, Theresa May will revel in the obvious discomfort and disarray of  the Opposition Parties.
  7. The rise of Scottish Conservative Party Leader Ruth Davidson as the Scourge of Nicola Sturgeon and the SNP has slain the dragon of a Second IndyRef, and reignited the Conservative Party’s fortunes North of the Border with the astonishing election of 12 Tory MP’s in Scotland.
  8. The return of the accomplished and articulate Michael Gove to the Cabinet will give Gravitas, Presence and Vision to the Government, and the settled composition of her Ministers will deliver much needed political stability, cohesion and authority to Theresa May’s second term as Leader of the Tories, who is to say the Prime Minister will not reinvent herself and her Self Image to go on to fight the election as leader again in 2022.?

Peter Paton is an International PR and Strategic Adviser

Follow Peter on Twitter @pjpaton

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