Obama’s assault on Jerusalem’s Western Wall

 Obama’s assault on Jerusalem’s Western Wall
by Ezequiel Doiny
Below is an excerpt from my book “Obama’s assault on Jerusalem’s Western Wall”, if you would like to read more please see
 ((“Obama’s assault on Jerusalem’s Western Wall” by Ezequiel Doiny in Amazon.com))
 **Obama tried to portrait UNSC 2334 as being about settlements but it is actually much more than that. If Obama just wanted to stop settlement growth,as he claims, why did he authorize a resolution that rules that both Jerusalem’s Temple Mount and the Western Wall are “occupied Palestinian territory”? (While Clinton’s parameters were that it is nonnegotiable that the Temple Mount would be in Palestine while the Western Wall would remain in Israel)
**In his autobiography Bill Clinton describes his parameters for a final status agreement (2000): “On territory, I recommended 94 to 96 percent of the West Bank for the Palestinians with a land swap from Israel of 1 to 3 percent, and an understanding that the land kept by Israel would include 80 percent of the settlers in blocs…On Jerusalem, I recommended that the Arab neighborhoods be in Palestine and the Jewish neighborhoods in Israel, and that the Palestinians should have sovereignty over the Temple Mount/Haram and the Israelis sovereignty over the Western Wall…….I said these parameters were nonnegotiable and were the best I could do…Arafat’s rejection of my proposal after Barak accepted it was an error of historic proportions…”
Source: Clinton,    Bill. “My Life.” Vintage (2005). pp. 936-946.
**Obama’s UNSC 2334 rules that “the establishment by Israel of settlements in the Palestinian territory occupied since 1967, including East Jerusalem, has no legal validity and constitutes a flagrant violation under international law” it rules that both the Temple Mount and the Western Wall are in “occupied Palestinian territory”
**A point by point comparison shows that there are major differences between Ytzhak Rabin’s view on the Oslo Accords (1993, 1995), Bill Clinton’s parameters for peace (2000) and Obama’s UNSC 2334 (2016). This book presents a point by point comparison on Territory, Jerusalem, Holy Sites, Refugees, Security.
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 ((“Obama’s assault on Jerusalem’s Western Wall” by Ezequiel Doiny in Amazon.com))
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