The Jared Kushner Meeting with the Russians Provides the Strongest Proof Yet of a LACK of Collusion


Most Trump haters do not really hate Donald Trump and his policies; what they hate and have hated are their mistaken perceptions of President Trump perpetuated by most of the members of the media, the distortions of his personality, the distortions of his policies, and now the distortions of the communications of Trump’s representatives with certain Russian individuals.

Even if President Trump’s representatives met with Russian individuals who claim not to have represented the government of Russia and even if Trump’s representatives met with Russian individuals who formerly had positions in the government of Russia and even if Donald Trump’s representatives were told to expect to hear information that would have presented Hillary Clinton in a negative light, none of this would mean these Russians actually represented the Russian government, nor would it mean the Trump representatives made any commitments to work in concert with the Russians or to collude with the Russian government in any way.

The definition of “collude” is “to act together through a secret understanding, especially with evil or harmful intent.” Expressing a willingness to listen to allegations is not “to act together,” and to listen to allegations is not to create “a secret understanding.” To simply find out the existence of negative true information is not to indicate “evil or harmful intent.” Actually, to the contrary, to find out negative and true allegations about a candidate and to circulate them is to educate the voters as to the true character and positions of a candidate and is therefore an expression of kind and noble intent, if anything; not evil or harmful intent.

Similarly, disclosing the content of hacked Clinton emails during the election campaign in 2016 disseminated the truth about the character and evil intent of Hillary Clinton, and therefore was a good thing in terms of advancing the cause of educating the voting American public as to the character and positions of the leading candidate for the presidency. The responsible Clinton backers only opposed the hackers, but did not deny the veracity of the statements in the emails, in which Hillary was hoist on her own petard.

For examples of true collusion—- facts and acts, not a meeting for informational purposes—consider the Obama administration’s actions in allowing the Russian lawyer to stay in this country without a valid visa; Loretta Lynch’s meeting with President Clinton just before the FBI’s Comey exonerated Hillary from her felonious handling of emails; Loretta Lynch’s instructing FBI Comey not to refer to his investigation as an investigation; and consider what Hillary and her representatives actually did to arrange for 20-25% of American uranium to go under Russian control, and to make sure that Bernie Sanders would get burned and treated unfairly in the primary process.

No article about Trump should ever be published that fails to call the attention of everyone to the facts that Trump is far from being a misogynist, a racist, a mocker of people with disabilities, an anti-Semite, and the list goes on and on.  Trump has a record of promoting women in his construction business to higher positions than his competitors; Trump’s advocacy of law and order and school choice would help African-Americans even more than Whites; Trump never made fun of a reporter with a disability (but was mocking the reporter’s hypocrisy with facial and hand gestures he used when mocking the perfectly healthy Senator Cruz and even when mocking himself, gestures that the reporter himself wasn’t capable of making, having nothing to do with his disability); Trump certainly cannot be accused of anti-Semitism, having appointed people like the Orthodox Jewish Greenblatt, Friedman, and Kushner to positions of influence, especially as affecting Israel, and by having an Orthodox Jewish daughter and grandchildren, and appointing his Orthodox Jewish daughter and son-in-law (both of whom have records of relative liberalism) to prominent positions in his administration. Even Steve Bannon may have given a platform to people including those with records that may be flawed, but he himself is a proven philo-Semite.

Those who accuse President Trump of treason defy reason, and should be demoted, not quoted.

President Trump would be the most beloved and not the most hated and/or feared president if only the truth would be allowed to reach the voting public.

Mr. Rich is a self-described liberal with common sense and an open mind.

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