Oh Look…Now Democrats Are The Obstructionists!

For eight years, we had to hear how Republicans were ‘obstructing’ President Obama’s blueprint for turning America into the Garden of Eden. If only those heartless Republicans would stop standing in the way, President Obama would have been able to shower his voters with a deluge of other people’s money.

Needless to say, President Obama did plenty of damage despite the supposed ‘obstruction’ from the Republicans. Both the welfare state and warfare state kept their tradition of expansion, gobbling up the few liberties that remain in America along the way.

Now President Trump has his error-filled blueprint to “Make America Great Again,” but the Democrats have become the ‘obstructionists’. The president has said so himself:

“…the Democrats are obstructionists, no ideas or votes, only obstruction.” 

And so we have come full circle.

Isn’t democracy great?

Two violent gangs who fight over how to divvy up our stolen loot. Naturally, both gangs want the loot at the same time, so they bicker and fight over it.

If the Blue gang doesn’t get the stolen loot, then the Earth will turn into a ball of fire (or block of ice, depending on the day) and people will start dying in streets.

If the Red gang doesn’t get the loot, then foreign barbarians will storm the gates and take over America.

Of course, the Red and Blue arguments are interchangeable. Today, the Red gang refuses to get rid of Obamacare, and the Blue gang is foaming at the mouth for more foreign wars.

There are no principles on either side. Whichever way the wind blows…

The two gangs do agree on one thing though. The looting must continue, and continue to grow forever and ever.

The one idea that never (ever) gets even the slightest mention is that maybe the two gangs should both take a hike.

Maybe we don’t need them and would be better off without them…

Maybe there should be no stolen loot for them to fight over…

No stealing…what a novel idea.

Maybe our lives, liberties and property should be secure and not up for grabs.

Democracy is not Freedom.

Only Freedom is Freedom.

As long as these two gangs exist and continue to have believers, ?we ain’t got no freedom.

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