BBC Olympic Coverage Declares East Jerusalem as Palestinian Capital

BBC Olympic Coverage Declares East Jerusalem as Palestinian Capital July 19, 2012 13:34 by Simon Plosker The BBC Sport website’s coverage of the forthcoming London Olympic games features country profiles of all of the competing nations. Every other country profile includes a listed capital city. All except for Israel. This even includes “Palestine” where the BBC […]

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Ennahada leader Rached Ghannouchi

Muslim Brotherhood, Tunisia’s Leading Political Party After Arab Spring Declares ‘No Normalization with Israel’

Tunisia’s leading political party, the Muslim Brotherhood’s Ennahada party, has reiterated its opposition to normalizing diplomatic ties with Israel. Ennahada held its ninth national conference in Tunis over the weekend, ending with a resolution on the matter Monday after party leader Rached Ghannouchi, perceived as a moderate, was re-elected to serve as its head for […]

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Hackers (illustrative)

Experts: U.S. Cyber War on Iran Has Just Begun

A U.S. cyber war against Iran’s nuclear program may have only just begun and could escalate with explosions triggered by digital sabotage, experts told AFP on Friday. Although the Iranian regime remains vulnerable to more cyber attacks in the aftermath of the Stuxnet worm that disrupted its uranium enrichment work, Tehran may be receiving help […]

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Obama Orders U.S. Intelligence to Increase Surveillance of Israel

WASHINGTON — The U.S. intelligence community has intensified surveillance of Israel’s military. Western diplomatic sources said President Barack Obama has ordered intensified U.S. intelligence on Israel’s military and government. They said Obama wanted to ensure that his administration could collect information that would indicate an Israeli plan to strike either Iran or Syria. Is Obama […]

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After an Israeli Strike on Iran, What Can Iran Really Do?

by Daniel Pipes The Washington Times June 26, 2012 [N.B.: This version differs slight from the Washington Times text] How will Iranians respond to an Israeli strike against their nuclear infrastructure? The answers to this prediction matters greatly, affecting not just Jerusalem’s decision but also how much other states work to impede an Israeli strike. […]

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Boycott supporters

Hundreds March in South Africa Against Israeli Judea and Samaria Labeling

Several hundreds of people staged a protest march in Pretoria, South Africa, against South Africa’s plans to label products made in Judea and Samaria as “Made in the Palestinian Territories.” Around 300 members of the African Christian Democratic Party (ACDP) and the Inkatha Freedom party marched peacefully and handed over a petition against the labeling […]

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