Increased Terror in Iraq: Sixteen Family Members Killed in Brutal Sectarian Attack

Sixteen people have been killed in an apparently sectarian attack on a Shia family south of the Iraqi capital Baghdad. Unknown terrorists blew up two adjacent houses belonging to brothers from a Shia family in Latifiya, 40 km (25 miles) south of Baghdad, after shooting dead sixteen members of the same family, according to eyewitnesses. Eight women […]

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Forget Syria, Target Iran

by Daniel Pipes The Washington Times September 9, 2013 Here’s advice to the members of the United States Congress as they are asked to endorse an American-led attack on the government of Syria: Start your consideration by establishing priorities, clarifying what matters most to the country. The Obama administration rightly points to two urgent matters: […]

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London Police Official: Learn From Israel’s War on Terror

The world could learn a lesson from the way Israel fights terrorism, said Cressida Dick, the Assistant Commissioner of Specialist Operations at the London Police. She spoke on Monday at the International Institute for Counter-Terrorism’s (ICT) World Summit on Counter-Terrorism, taking place at the Herzliya Interdisciplinary Center (IDC). “We are seeing some of our [terrorism […]

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BDS rally

No BDS Apology for “Shoot the Jew” Chant

September 3, 2013 13:43 by Pesach Benson It’s bad enough a BDS rally at South Africa’s Witwatersrand University featured protesters chanting, “Shoot the Jew.” But Mohammed Desai, the head of South Africa’s BDS movement, poured more fuel to the fire when he told the student paper, the Wits Vuvuzela: The coordinator of Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions […]

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Civil war in Syria

Syrian Warplanes Test British Air Defenses in Cyprus

RAF Typhoon fighters won a mid-air showdown with two Syrian warplanes heading towards Britain’s main base in Cyprus, the Sunday People reports. The dramatic confrontation came after President Bashar Al-Assad’s air chiefs sent two Russian-made Sukhoi Su-24s to probe British air defenses, the report said. The Syrian bombers refused to respond to repeated attempts by […]

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