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Resist the War Party on Crimea

Written on March 5th, 2014 by alpineskione shout
By Patrick J. Buchanan –  With Vladimir Putin’s dispatch of Russian troops into Crimea, our war hawks are breathing fire. Russophobia is rampant and the op-ed pages are ablaze here. […]

How The Republic Became A Monarchy

Written on March 4th, 2014 by alpineskione shout
How did the United States change from the republic envisioned by the framers into a monarchy with its royal court that it has become today? I started thinking about this […]

Netanyahu Faces ‘Tough’ Meeting With Obama

Written on March 3rd, 2014 by kalelno shouts
Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu landed in the United States early Monday. Netanyahu is set to meet with President Barack Obama later Monday, in a meeting that some commentators said could […]

Four scenarios; What happens next in Ukraine?

Written on March 3rd, 2014 by alpineskino shouts
After a dramatic uprising the  Prime Minister Victor Yanukovych was forced to flee the country. Ukraine is deeply divided into its western and eastern sides, much like Republicans and Democrats […]

Obama’s America: Safe Haven for Terrorists

Written on March 3rd, 2014 by alpineskino shouts
Certain countries harbor criminals and are known to provide safety to those the rest of us consider less savory. Argentina became a safe haven to Nazis, and many countries in […]

Obama warms Russia while Putin laughs at Obama’s phony red line on Ukraine

Written on March 1st, 2014 by alpineski6 shouts
How many times does Putin have to embarrass Obama on the word stage before Obama gets the message that Putin is not afraid of him? AP reports U.S. officials said […]

A Convicted Islamic Terrorist Worked for Obama

Written on February 27th, 2014 by alpineskino shouts
An Islamic terrorist from Jordan briefly worked as an Obamacare navigator in Illinois she was involved in a deadly grocery store bombing and two other terrorism attacks. Rasmieh Yousef Odeh […]

Obama’s Race Dividing Continues with “My Brother’s Keeper” Initiative

Written on February 27th, 2014 by alpineski3 shouts
Obama hosted an event at the White House to unveil his new racist plan based on a US citizens skin color, it called the “My Brother’s Keeper” initiative, to make […]

Censorship in the USA; It’s Happening!

Written on February 27th, 2014 by alpineskino shouts
In yet another surprising case, leftist judges have made a court ruling to censor content on youtube that offends Muslims by exposing actual teachings within Islam. A U.S. appeals court […]

Obama Shut Out in Beer Bets Over Ice Hockey With Canadian PM Harper

Written on February 26th, 2014 by kalelno shouts
As a follow-up to yesterday’s post on President Obama’s Olympic beer wager lost to Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper, we report that the Canadians have swept the bet after their back-to-back […]
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