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PELOSI: Buy a $15,000 Policy or Go to Jail

Written on November 7th, 2009 by alpineskino shouts
JCT Confirms Failure to Comply with Democrats’ Mandate Can Lead to 5 Years in Jail Today, Ranking Member of the House Ways and Means Committee Dave Camp (R-MI) released a […]

Democrats blocks census US-citizenship question

Written on November 5th, 2009 by alpineskino shouts
WASHINGTON – Senate Democrats have blocked a GOP attempt to require next year’s census forms to ask people whether they are a U.S. citizen. The proposal by Louisiana Republican Sen. […]


Written on November 5th, 2009 by kalelno shouts
With overwhelming bipartisan support, the House of Representatives on Tuesday passed a resolution (H. Res. 867) calling the Goldstone Report “irredeemably biased and unworthy of further consideration or legitimacy.” The […]

The Pelosi Bill: Cost, Mandates and Taxes

Written on November 2nd, 2009 by kalelno shouts
The Pelosi Bill: Cost, Mandates and Taxes
Posted by Dan Perrin FROM: Michael Hammond RE: The Pelosi Bill -The real cost of the bill is at least $1.3 trillion (the CBO score, plus the “doc fix”) –- […]

ACORN ALERT–Refunding set to go on 10/31

Written on November 1st, 2009 by alpineskino shouts
Can you believe this? I, like most Americans, believed the funding for Acorn was finished–done, gone, finito. Guess again . . . It turns out the stripping of funds by […]

Nuclear Iran Would Create Terrorist Umbrella

Written on October 25th, 2009 by alpineskino shouts
Former Israeli Ambassador to the United Nations Dore Gold warns that a nuclear-armed Iran would shift “the entire balance in the war on terror” by providing terrorists with a nuclear […]

Global Warming Bill: Increased Taxes, Gov’t Approves Home Sales HR 2454

Written on October 22nd, 2009 by alpineski2 shouts
Thinking about selling your house – A look at H.R. 2454 (Cap and trade bill) This is unbelievable! Only the beginning… .. Wow! Home owners take note & tell your […]

Letter to Congress

Written on October 19th, 2009 by alpineskino shouts
To the Congress: The U.S. Postal Service was established in 1775 – you have had 234 years to get it right; it is broke. Social Security was established in 1935 […]

No Puerto Rican Statehood without Official English

Written on October 8th, 2009 by kalelno shouts
No Puerto Rican Statehood without Official English
VOTE NO on H.R. 2499 H.R. 2499, The Puerto Rico Democracy Act of 2009 is out of committee and could be brought to the floor of the House of Representatives […]
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