Egypt’s Defense Minister: Egypt could Collapse

Egyptian Defense Minister Gen. Abdel Fatah al-Sisi warned Tuesday that Egypt could be facing collapse. Al-Sisi explained that military units have been stationed in cities next to the Suez Canal, where riots have broken out, in order to protect the canal. “The continuing conflict between political forces and their differences concerning the management of the […]

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Anti-government protest in Yemen

UN Protection for Yemen’s Last Jews?

Today’s Top Stories 1. Big Media discovers Yair Lapid, but do press reports unreasonably raise expectations of peace? Mark Heller (NY Times) explains that voters are preoccupied with economic and social issues — so don’t expect aggressive Israeli peace making and other foreign initiatives: The reason is not that Israelis are opposed to the conventional […]

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EU official: Hezbollah may not make terror list, even with Bulgaria bombing

(JTA) — Hezbollah may not be included on the European Union’s list of terrorist groups even if it did bomb Jewish tourists in Bulgaria, the EU’s top counter-terrorism official reportedly said. On Monday, the news site EUobserver quoted the official, Gilles de Kerchove, as saying that Bulgaria’s investigation into the incident is likely to be […]

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Chuck Hagel at Defense?

by Daniel Pipes January 28, 2013 Three thoughts as the U.S. Senate gears up to consider on Jan 31 the nomination of Chuck Hagel for the position of secretary of defense: (1) It’s more than a bit curious that Barack Obama should nominate a politician of no distinction, with no significant bills to his name, […]

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UN’s Richard Falk Compares Hamas to French Resistance During WWII

The United Nation’s Special Rapporteur on the PA Territories, Richard Falk, has once again illustrated his lack of objectivity and deep bias against the State of Israel by comparing Hamas terrorists to French resistance fighters during World War II. Richard Falk, who has become notorious for his blatantly anti-Israel views, made the comments in a piece […]

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UN to Probe Israeli Drone Strikes

Today’s Top Stories 1. A UN lawyer is investigating fatal drone strikes by Israel, the US, and Britain. Bottom line, it’s a UN probe that Israel won’t cooperate with, and that the US will block. More at the Times of Israel: The main focus of the investigation will be 25 reported drone strikes in Afghanistan, […]

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Israeli oranges

Pro-Israel Groups Prepare to Battle BDS (Boycott, Divest, and Sanction) ‘Day of Action’

Anti-Israel Arab sympathizers and international anarchists are targeting several Israeli fruit exporters with protests, in their ongoing efforts to promote boycotts of Israel. In a statement released several weeks ago, the international BDS (Boycott, Divest, and Sanction) movement named February 9 as a “Day of Action” against two major Israeli agricultural exporters to Europe, Mehadrin […]

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