Republicans Capture House in Historic Wave; Video of Boehner Remarks at Election Night Results Watch

House Republican Leader John Boehner speaks at a party hosted by the National Republican Congressional Committee at the Grand Hyatt hotel in Washington Nov. 2. [youtube JJCPINKYw-s nolink] House Republican Leader John Boehner Delivers Remarks at Election Night Results Watch Grand Hyatt Washington, Washington, DC Tuesday, November 2, 2010 NOTE: Written text may differ slightly […]

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Pelosi Statement on Midterms: Nothing on Future Plans, No Congratulations to GOP

by Chad Pergram “Over the last four years, the Democratic Majority in the House took courageous action on behalf of America’s middle class to create jobs and save the country from the worst economic catastrophe since the Great Depression. “Our Members and candidates ran remarkable campaigns led by the superb leadership of DCCC Chairman Chris […]

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The Tsunami

Posted by Erick Erickson [UPDATE]: The whole of the Maine legislator has flipped to the GOP. Several people I have talked to said such a deep and thorough shift to any one party has not happened in one election in the past 100 years. —————— Republican gains are massive. And when I say Republican gains […]

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Germany’s Freiheit Party Joins the Fray

by Daniel Pipes National Review Online November 2, 2010 A new German political party, Die Freiheit (The Freedom), had its inaugural meeting on October 28 in Berlin. I was in town, so its leadership invited me to be the only non-member of the nascent party to witness and report on its founding constituent assembly. As […]

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Obama Wants Control of Religious Colleges Curriculum

Separation of Church and state, when it comes to the Ten commandments posted on a courthouse liberals say no, when is about Religious Colleges curriculum Obama wants heavy handed political control. The federal government apparently has blinked in a standoff with private Christian colleges over a proposal that would bring the schools under the regulation […]

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