America the Ungovernable?

In the latter days of the Carter presidency, it became fashionable to say that the office had become unmanageable and was simply too big for one man. Some suggested a single, six-year presidential term. The president’s own White House counsel suggested abolishing the separation of powers and going to a more parliamentary system of unitary […]

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Muslims burn down churches, shops

Melee reportedly broke out with no provocation from Christians An angry Muslim mob attacked Christian-owned shops and houses, burned down eight churches and injured several people in the northern Nigerian town of Kazaure. But the melee was prompted by a Muslim police officer who had a dispute with a Muslim citizen, according to a group […]

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Obama Administration Did Not Consult Its Own Homeland Security Secretary Before Deciding to Try KSM in NYC

By Penny Starr, Senior Staff Writer   Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano told a Senate Homeland Security committee hearing on Wednesday that she has not been consulted and has not met with Obama administration officials about trying terror suspects on U.S. soil. ( Starr) ( – At a hearing of the Senate Homeland Security Committee […]

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Islamists Play Shell Games with Security

by David J. Rusin  •  Feb 23, 2010 at 9:16 am Despite the countless terror attacks perpetrated by their co-religionists, some Muslims still have the chutzpah to demand that security protocols conform to supposed Islamic sensitivities. But like a typical shell game, every time we think we know which procedures they grudgingly will tolerate, we […]

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The Leader

Posted by Erick Erickson Many, many reporters have asked me who the leader of the conservative movement is right now or who the leader of the tea party movement is. They rarely report the answer, though they should be paying attention to it. In the CPAC straw poll, one name dominated the pack. With the […]

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Why the jobs aren’t coming back

Posted by Erick Erickson The Politico has an interesting story about Toyota up. It seems the company does not much care for this administration. Internal Toyota documents derided the Obama administration and Democratic Congress as “activist” and “not industry friendly,” a revelation that comes days before the giant automaker’s top executives testify on Capitol Hill […]

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