Encrypted Messaging

The CulperNetwork is a free, secure, decentralized communications platform designed for American Patriots. Unlike Facebook or other social networks, people connect directly with their friends through encryption keys. The government, ISPs, and third parties cannot see what is being shared or communicated.

Looking for the latest version? Download CulperNetwork.exe (13.5 MB) (Please Note: They are still testing.  Please email their support team for all issues & feedback).

The name “Culper” was the name of the spy ring in the American Revolution that provided information to General Washington.  It was never known to have been broken.

With this software, there is no server or corporation collecting and storing your information.  Neither the government nor your ISP can see what you are sharing or communicating with your friends.  We cannot access your profile, change your password, or even know what you are communicating.  It is a project of the National Liberty Federation.

The CulperNetwork supports chat, forums, file sharing, instant messaging and more that is 100% encrypted. It is:

  • 100% Free & Open Source
  • Private – Uses OpenSSL Encryption
  • Server-less & Completely Decentralized
  • Multiple Simultaneous Downloads / Uploads
  • Search Friends
  • Messages
  • Forums
  • Channels
  • Instant Messaging
  • Can Be Operated Without Internet On A Local Network
  • Custom Plugins Coming Soon