Pro-Obama Group Wants to Shut the League of American Voters Down

 From  the League of American Voters:

Dear Friend:

Late last week I was simply shocked by a letter I received.

I was sitting in my Washington, D.C. office when an office assistant said an urgent letter had been delivered to our office.

I opened the letter – from the League of Women Voters – demanding that the organization I run – the League of American Voters – cease to exist!

Incredibly, the letter was signed by Mary Wilson, the president of the League of Women Voters.

Wilson makes no bones about it – she wants me and the League of American Voters to shut down because she doesn’t like our views opposing Barack Obama’s radical health care plan.

She also believes what we have to say is not credible because we are a relatively new organization!

I found it incredible that an organization like hers that claims to support democratic institutions would try to censor us and our members.

Wilson makes very clear why she wants to shut us down: our powerful TV ad exposing Obama Care is having an incredible effect.

“But your recent television ad attacking health care reform is particularly disturbing,” Mary writes.

You bet it’s disturbing. See our powererful TV ad – Go Here Now

In our TV ad, Dr. Mark Cuffe, a respected medical doctor and neurosurgeon warns that if Obama adds 50 million new patients to the government health care system, it will have a devastating effect on health care for all Americans.

Dr. Cuffe warns in our ad that cuts to Medicare and forced rationing of life saving procedures is inevitable if Obama rams his plan through Congress.

Help Dr. Cuffe get his message out – Go Here Now

Mary makes clear she backs Obama 100 percent – even the so-called public option which has dwindling public support. She says it is “critical to health care.”

She then concludes by demanding that we “cease and desist” using our name, because it is “similar” to her organization’s name.

Frankly, we believe Americans know the difference between the League of American Voters and the League of Women Voters, just as they know the difference between us and the League of Conservation Voters, and many other groups that use the name “League.”

And there are several differences between us and Mary’s League of Women Voters.

For example, we are non-partisan group and theirs is an out-and-out liberal organization.

They claim to be non-partisan but are nothing more than shill for the Obama administration.

That’s why Mary is really writing us.

They fear our ad. They know millions of Americans are seeing this ad and are smart enough to see through Obama’s lies.

You can help us expose the lies – Go Here Now.

We need to re-double our efforts to promote this TV ad.

I know why the White House fears this ad. They fear it because we are telling the American people the truth.

We are telling people it’s a lie when Obama claims he controls costs when he adds 50 million new patients to the system.

That it’s a lie Medicare won’t be cut.

That it’s a lie rationing won’t happen.

Even the liberal New York Times was honest enough to admit Medicare cuts and rationing are inevitable under Obama Care.

But Obama and his minions don’t want to admit the truth.

This is why they have to use front groups like the liberal League of Women Voters to try to shut us down.

But we won’t be shut down. We won’t be silenced.

We need your help – Go Here Now.

As you may know, Dick Morris, the Fox News analyst and political campaign strategist, a man Time magazine said was the most Influential man in America, created our TV ad.

Dick Morris says the League of American Voters is “the number one group opposing Obama Care, they deserve your support.”

Thanks to your generosity, millions of Americans are hearing our message and changing their minds about Obama Care.

But we urgently need to keep up our educational effort.

In the coming days, Obama and his allies in Congress will make another desperate effort to push through their radical plan to socialize one-sixth of the U.S. economy.

But they know their support is collapsing. That’s why they are using liberal front groups to attack the most effective organizations opposing them.

We are one of those groups .

We have an incredible opportunity to stop Obama Care.

Please send a message to the liberal League of Women Voters – that you won’t allow us to be silenced – that you will join the League of American Voters to expose Obama’s radical plan!

Join us today – Go Here Now!

Thank you.


Bob Adams
Executive Director

P.S. I found Mary’s letter the most obnoxious, hypocritical political letter I have seen in my long career. I am stunned someone who heads a well-known organization would write such a childish letter. I am reprinting Mary Wilson’s letter in full below so you can see the hysterical reaction we are getting from the Left because of our effective TV ad. And please make sure you see our TV ad – donate and join us today – Go Here Now!


Mr. Bob Adams
Executive Director
League of American Voters
722 12th Street, NW, 4th Floor
Washington, DC 20005

Dear Mr. Adams:

The League of Women Voters is dedicated to providing the public with accurate information about public policy issues. As president of the League, I am always disappointed to see an organization mischaracterize an issue of importance to all Americans. But your recent television ad attacking health care reform is particularly disturbing. Not only does the ad distort the facts on such a critical issue— but in order to attack health care reform you have created a brand new startup organization using a name that is deceptively similar to the League of Women Voters, a 90-year-old group that is one of the most trusted nonpartisan organizations in the United States.

While it has been said that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, we are not flattered. Your organization is playing on our good name and reputation and thereby seeking to add credibility to yours, which clearly has none.

We are a genuine grassroots network with more than 900 state and local chapters, and 150,000 members and supporters nationwide. Our members and the public rely on us to share information responsibly and accurately, because that is what we have done since we were founded in 1920.

America is in the midst of a health care crisis which will continue to threaten our economy, our health and our national security until major changes are enacted. Quality, affordable health care should be available to all Americans. The League of Women Voters believes that a public insurance option is critical to health care reform and to providing real choice to consumers.

Antithetical to all this is your ad, which makes misleading statements in an inflammatory way. Unlike the League of Women Voters, your organization has no history in addressing the very real problems facing our nation. You would better serve American voters by stating facts. A good place to start would be to reveal the major sources funding your advertising campaign. 1730 M STREET , NW, SUITE 1 000, WASHINGTON , DC 2003 6-4508 202-429-1965 Fax 202-429-0854 Inte rnet h t tp: / /www. lwv .o rg . E -mai l : [email protected] .org

In conclusion, cease and desist from using a name so deceptively similar to the “League of Women Voters” that honest citizens are misled into believing that a trusted organization such as ours would deny needed healthcare to any American.

Mary Wilson
League of Women Voters of the United States

Note from Bob Adams: Send Mary a message she’ll never forget — join us at the League of American Voters and help us get our TV ad aired all across America — Go Here Now.

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