This past weekend, an estimated 200,000 Americans marched on Washington, DC to express their anger, frustration and outright rejection of President Barack Obama’s health care plan. It smacks of socialism from page one all the way to 1018.

Signs read, “No Acorn, No Czars, No cap and trade, No Obama”; “Obama lied, Freedom Died”; “Silence is consent, can you hear us now?”; “I don’t belong to the Party of No, I belong to the Party of Hell No!”; “Madam Speaker, Kiss Our Astroturf!”; “The only thing we have to fear is Obama himself!”; “Proud member of the angry mob and I vote!”; “Obama, liar, liar country on fire!”; “Your wallet, the only place democrats are willing to drill!”

When Obama spoke the lie, he knew that any verification of ID had been deleted out of the bill. His fellow Democrats killed the amendment that would have required authentication of citizenship.

As Obama uttered the lie, Rep. Joe Wilson (R-SC) could not stand it any longer. He shouted from the seats, “You lie!”


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