Lieberman Could Run as Republican


Faced with gloomy prospects for a strong showing in 2010, Democratic senators are moving to boost their 2012 campaign coffers while one of their leading allies, Sen. Joe Lieberman, hints he could stay independent or even run as a Republican.

The Democrats have raised millions for an election that is still 37 months away, according to Politico. The National Republican Senatorial Committee, meanwhile, is already prepping healthcare-related attacks against 2012 candidates based on committee votes that begin Tuesday.

Several Senate Democrats up in 2012 have joined the million-dollar club already, including Kent Conrad of North Dakota, Bill Nelson of Florida, Dianne Feinstein of California, and Sherrod Brown of Ohio, as well as independent Sen. Joe Lieberman of Connecticut, who caucuses with Senate Democrats. Several more are expected to surpass the million-dollar mark when the latest round of campaign finance reports is released Oct. 15.

Lieberman, who had $1.4 million through June 30, said he is unsure whether he would run in 2012 as a Democrat or an independent.

“Or a Republican,” Lieberman added jokingly. “I have all sorts of options.”

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