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If you need a simple way to explain to your friends just how threatened our rights have become in this country, please forward them the below petition in support of freedom of the press.

That’s right: Freedom of the press.

It has gotten so frightening; it’s hard to believe we have to mount pressure on liberals in Congress and the White House to support a basic tenant of freedom.

You may wonder why American Future Fund is taking this action.

ISSUE #1: Did you know the White House Director of Communications, Anita Dunn, who oversees media relations for President Obama, recently said one of her favorite political philosophers is Mao Zedong? This ruthless Communist Chinese leader is responsible for the deaths of 20 million to 43 million people last century!

If you didn’t hear about it in the mainstream media, why are we not surprised? In fact, the only outlet that bothered to cover this is the same that exposed the ACORN scandal when nobody else would: Fox News Channel.

ISSUE #2: Did you know that following this incident, President Obama used a recent address to scourge Fox News Channel, and threatened other members of the media to not follow them? Additionally, liberal groups are threatening other Democrats to stay off their airwaves as well!

The President of the United States is now trying to be the official arbitrator in determining what “news” is. In a supposedly free country. In the year 2009. This, despite countless examples of what happens to a people when its state rulers exert this kind of action. The whole reason a free press was conceived was to keep our leaders accountable. Now Obama wants to shut them down.

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To recap: Obama’s Director of Communications says one of her favorites political philosophers is one who is a murderous, ruthless dictator. It’s covered by Fox News. Then, the president warns fellow Democrats and news organizations that they better ignore them – or else.

It’s your voice they will want to silence next.

Sign our petition today.

Before it’s too late.

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