$1.00 Homes and No Buyers!


The housing market is so bad you can’t even give away homes these days.

Officials in suburban Barrington put three homes up for a sale at just a dollar a piece – a dollar! – and didn’t get a single bidder.

A dollar!

Let’s review: For less than the price of a CTA ride, a Starbuck’s coffee, or the typical tip slipped under a stripper’s G-string, you could have bought a home in Barrington.

Sure, buying a house means assuming the future costs of upkeep, but a dollar!

“Even if you’re offering a house for a dollar, sometimes all those logistics can make it difficult, especially in this market,” Lisa DiChiera of the Landmarks Preservation Council of Illinois told the Daily Herald.

Though the homes aren’t officially designated landmarks, they are believed to have some historic value; that’s why Barrington officials want to sell the homes – which are located in the suburb’s downtown – rather than just demolish them to make way for development, which is the alternative.

Buyers would be required to relocate the homes, but still. All three could be had for less than the cost of a Subway footlong. And your purchase would last a lot longer.

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