ACORN ALERT–Refunding set to go on 10/31

Can you believe this?

I, like most Americans, believed the funding for Acorn was finished–done, gone, finito.

Guess again . . .

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It turns out the stripping of funds by Congress was only good for one month–from October 1st thru October 31. What that means is that unless Congress votes Thursday to reinstitute the restrictions on funding, ACORN will once again be receiving tax payer money. Don’t forget, this diabolical, sickening organization is set to receive over 8 Billion Dollars in Federal Stimulus money.

Now here is where things get interesting. If the Congress does vote to continue the ban on funding ACORN, once again this ban will last for just over another month–this ban will end right around December 15th of this year. Then once again the ban will be lifted and ACORN will be eligible for Federal Funding.

The citizens of America, the people providing the tax payer funding, need to keep a close eye on this, and on the Congressmen who vote to enable ACORN to begin getting to again get tax payer funding.

For those Congressmen who do decide to allow funding for ACORN, they have just proven to the entire country that they are more concerned with their own political careers, there own agendas, and possibly the cover-up of their own ACORN related scandals instead of having the best interest of their base of constituents, and the the best interest of America and the Republic for which She stands.

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These two coming votes; more then Health Care Reform and Cap and Trade, will separate those dangerous for the continuation of our country, and for the continued freedoms and prosperity we’ve enjoyed as a nation, from those dedicated to public service and defending the Constitution from enemies–both foreign and domestic.

Make no mistake, ACORN is a domestic enemy of this nation–and those who choose to back this organization should be found guilty of the theft, fraud, and misappropriation of American tax payer money by this nefarious organization.

If you want to make sure ACORN never gets another penny of tax payer money be sure to contact your Congressmen in the next 24 hours, and urge them to uphold the funding ban.

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