Four Mohammeds in a Bathtub

Mark Steyn has often observed that whenever mass murder, terrorism, or violent mayhem are committed, the chances are better than even that at least one of the perpetrators will bear the name “Mohammed”.

In a recent court case in Yorkshire, four young men proved Mr. Steyn to be more than correct: each of the convicted felons is named Mohammed. The four Mos are on their way to prison for assault with knives, cricket, bats, and other weapons, as well as more prosaic crimes such as theft and money laundering.

According to The Telegraph and Argus:

Judge Jails Keighley Men for Total of 12 Years

A gang of men involved in “atrocious” violent disorder with weapons on the streets of Keighley have been locked up for a total of more than 12 years.

The violence involved baseball bats, metal bars and cricket bats, Bradford Crown Court heard yesterday.

Mohammed Shabir, 26, of Clarendon Street, Knowle Park, Keighley, who admitted wounding with intent and violent disorder, was jailed for a total of four years and nine months.

Mohammed Junaid Miah, 21, of Acres Street, Knowle Park, received a three years and nine months sentence after admitting violent disorder, conspiracy to steal and money laundering.

Mohammed Habib Ullah, 22, of Malsis Road, Keighley, pleaded guilty to violent disorder and money laundering and was jailed for two and a half years, while Mohammed Kabir Bashir, 24, of Clarendon Street, who admitted violent disorder, was given 21 months in jail.

Judge Peter Benson said the disorder, which happened on March 24, 2008, in Queen’s Road, Keighley, occurred when at least 13 men travelled in vehicles to confront two other men.

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