Bibi Discusses Middle East in Moscow

The Middle East peace process was the main topic of discussion during a meeting in Moscow between Benjamin Netanyahu and Dmitry Medvedev.

The Israeli prime minister and the Russian president met Monday as part of Netanyahu’s first official visit to Russia.

“Israel is more than just a partner in the ordinary sense for us, but is a country with whom we are bound by long-standing relations and with whom we share much in common in terms of the nature and makeup of our populations,” Medvedev told Netanyahu at the beginning of their meeting.

“Advancing peace, advancing our mutual relations and rolling back those who destroy peace and threaten the stability of the Middle East and the world is something I very much look forward to discussing with you,” Netanyahu responded.

Netanyahu reportedly pushed for Russian support of tougher sanctions against Iran during his meeting with Medvedev.

Netanyahu made a clandestine visit to Moscow in September to discuss the threat from Iran.


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