Why It Must Be “Repeal And Start Over”

Posted by Erick Erickson

Last night Mitch McConnell said the mantra for the GOP in 2010 would be “repeal and replace.” There is a problem with this mantra — some in the Republican caucus actually mean they just want to redo what has been done and substitute some portions. Others want to repeal the whole thing and substitute something entirely different. See, for example, John Cornyn yesterday saying he just wanted to nibble at the edges, only to be forced into renouncing his own words in favor of some mendacious messaging about bipartisan cooperation.

The mixed up musings of the Republican caucus will do in the message.

On the other hand “repeal and start over” makes clear exactly what will happen and is in accord with the variety of polls out there showing the American people wanted Congress to start over before the vote this past Sunday.

But there is something else too. Ignore, if you will, that the way Obamacare works means that should one provision be replaced, all the other provisions would have to be tinkered with. For a Republican caucus that ridiculed the Democrats passing a 2,700 page bill without reading all the details, it is clear the GOP would have to do the same.

But again, let’s ignore that point. Consider this point instead. We know that Obamacare will not work. It will not increase the lifespan of Americans. It will not decrease health care costs. It will not work. However, should the GOP change any part of Obamacare instead of repealing and starting over, the Democrats and media will make the GOP own it. When it does not work, the GOP will get the blame, not the Democrats.

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With that being the case, the GOP should repeal and start over.

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