Sean Hannity: ‘If You Look Up the Dictionary Definition of Socialism, This Is It’

By Terence P. Jeffrey, Editor-in-Chief

( – In a preview of his book “Conservative Victory—Defeating Obama’s Radical Agenda,” due to be released Monday, Sean Hannity said of the policies President Barack Obama has been pursuing: “If you look up the dictionary definition of socialism, this is it.”
Hannity made the observation in a video interview with Sean, what is the consistent theme you see in these earlier associations of Barack Obama–the Reverend Jeremiah Wright and Bill Ayers–and what he’s doing as president? What is the theme that you see there?
Sean Hannity: That’s a great question. Well, because, look, Obama is a socialist. If you take over banks, if you take over car companies, if you take over financial institutions, the way that he has–now the health care system. If you’re going to use every crooked deal that you can come up with to get a bill like that passed–most recently the health care bill–that is by definition, if you look up the dictionary definition of socialism, this is it.
Later in the interview, Hannity said Obama is the “most radical president” in American history. You believe that Barack Obama is a socialist?
Hannity: I believe that Barack Obama is the most radical president America has ever had–by far. Yes. And he’s trying on every front that he can to increase government control of our free enterprise system?
Hannity: Yes. I think he meets the dictionary definition–if you look at taking over banks, financial institutions, insurance companies, dictating pay, the health care industry–that is by definition what socialism is. Yes. And he’s not going to be sorry seven, eight years–
Hannity: Look, Al Sharpton said he was a socialist the other night. I’m just quoting Al Sharpton.  First time I agree with Al Sharpton. He’s right. Obama is a socialist.

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