Liberals Use Hate to Curtail Free Speech

The shrill cries from the left condemning the “hate” on the right is interesting to watch. First off, by all appearances it appears to manufactured by the left. For example the supposed spitting and racial epitaphs directed toward Congressional members this past weekend appears to be totally without merit. The spitting incident was explained as someone in the crowd saying and spraying and there has been no video corroborating the racial claims. Breitbart is even offering a $10,000 reward for anyone who produces supporting video. Imagine that, no video of said event with a sea of video cameras and phone cameras present. In one of the videos, you can see a Congressman with a camera as he entered the so called “gauntlet”.

The coffin on the lawn wasn’t a death threat but symbolism of a totally different nature. The census worker supposedly killed by tea partiers turned out to be a suicide scam. Oh and there are many more examples.

For a complete primer on the left’s manufactured hate, please read this article and if that generates doubts, be sure to visit it’s supporting links.

Meanwhile, even though no evidence has been produced, the likes of Pelosi and the left’s water carrying media continue with their unsubstantiated claims.

Using the hate card is the same as using the race card. It is a technique used by the left to silence counter point. The amnesty battle back in 2007 was a prime example of how this tactic is used by liberals.

And now with the health care battle, the left and it’s minion media are deploying the old tactic to silence debate and perhaps to set up their drive toward illegal alien amnesty.

Another thing to take note of is that while the msm headlines get notoriety, there is seldom if ever retractions of the false claim and if there are, they are buried and in no way provide the proper offset for the slander and dissemination of misinformation.

When true hate crimes and violence are committed, I am appalled by such actions and don’t support them in any way shape or form. However it appears there is a full campaign in force to paint conservatives as violent hate mongers. This is despicable. Both the lying and the false pretenses to squash free speech.

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