Attempted Bombing Over Denver?

Posted by Erick Erickson

Updated: As the night goes on speculation has moved to the guy smoking on the plane and being a jerk – joking about lighting his shoe. No explosives residue has been found.

Today, the White House leaked that it was ditching the phrase ‘radical Islam’ from government language.

Though details are still sketchy, early reports are that an Islamic radical attempted to blow up a United Airlines flight from Reagan National Airport to Denver tonight with a shoe bomb. However the news is changing rapidly and by the time you read this, Pete Williams at NBC is reporting it may have been something else.

ABC News is reporting the bomber made it on to the plane and attempted to light the bomb, but was stopped by air marshals.

The bomber is claiming diplomatic immunity from Qatar and worked at Qatar’s embassy in Washington.

So we have now had two bombers make it through airport security and on to planes under Barack Obama’s Department of Homeland Security — a Department of Homeland Security that has been tweaking Bush administration era policies to make us safer.

On top of these, we’ve had the recruiting office shootings and the Ft. Hood terrorist attack and the White House still wants to bring the GTMO detainees to Illinois.

All of that talk about making our enemies like us and forgiving us in the post-Bush era isn’t really working out for us, is it?

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Now, all that said, before we start throwing blame, let’s get some answers. And let’s begin the countdown until Jane Hall Lute is thrown under the bus. Lute, the Deputy Secretary for Homeland Security, has been on “an outreach effort” to boost airport security. Her qualification for her job? Assistant Secretary General of Peacekeeping Operations for the United Nations. Yes, that peacekeeping operation.

There is much we do not yet know. But we can see the game changing before our eyes with this diplomatic immunity issue.

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