Obama & American Muslims: How Different?

by Daniel Pipes
April 19, 2010
Cross-posted from National Review Online

The New York Times ran a story today, “White House Quietly Courts Muslims in U.S.,” that contrasts the Obama and George W. Bush administration records with regard to American Muslims. The reporter, Andrea Elliott, sums up her argument with a quote from James Zogby of the Arab American Institute: “For the first time in eight years, we have the opportunity to meet, engage, discuss, disagree, but have an impact on policy.”

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  2. Obama, needs to be impeached, He is not a Christian, he is trying to destroy our country. Their is but one God, and Obama does not pray to him, Apparently he prays to the other one that is trying to destroy our God. God will make America pay for all that is happening. Those that are christians can see what is happening, those that are not christians will not be able to see what is happening.

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