Schemes to Illegally Issue Drivers’ Licenses Uncovered in California, Pennsylvania

By Susan Jones, Senior Editor

( – On both the East and West Coasts this week, state employees were arrested for allegedly issuing illegal drivers’ licenses – some to illegal immigrants and foreign residents.

The Philadelphia Inquirer reported on Friday that a PennDot license examiner accepted bribes in return for issuing “hundreds” of driver’s licenses to ineligible clients of Saman Salem’s Professional Driving School.

Salem allegedly helped his clients cheat on the written portion of the exam by posing as an interpreter and then giving them the answers. The scheme allegedly started in 2003, the Inquirer reported.
Eight of  the fraudulently obtained licenses from Philadelphia have been implicated in crimes elsewhere in the nation, the newspaper quoted officials as saying.
And in Los Angeles, four state Department of Motor Vehicles employees were arrested Thursday on multiple felony counts for allegedly issuing illegal driver’s licenses and vehicle titles, the Los Angeles Times reported.
The women, all but three of them part-time employees, were booked on suspicion of conspiracy, grand theft, illegal computer access, bribery and use of false documents to conceal residency status.

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