The Washington Post: An In-Depth Analysis

Is the Washington Post guilty of publishing anti-Israel propaganda?

The Washington Post is one of the most influential news organizations in the world.

So it is alarming that it is often anti-Israel propaganda that the Post covers rather than the straight facts. Why can’t the Washington Post stick to the truth?

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We looked at every aspect of the Post’s coverage of the Palestinian-Israeli issue. What we saw was that the reporting frequently failed to pass standards of objectivity in four specific areas:

1) Balance

Frequently, those making claims against Israel far overwhelmed sources that tried to explain Israel’s positions.

2) Context

Key context was often missing leaving readers without extensive background in the history of the Middle East and wondering if the conflict began in 1967.

3) Inaccurate Terms

Misleading terms were used and important facts left out.

4) Omission of Key Facts

Key facts about incidents were often left out giving a biased reflection of events.

These elements of bias mean that readers of the Post were more likely to be misled by its coverage than informed.

Find out by reading HonestReporting’s In-Depth Media Analysis of the Washington Post by clicking on the image above (PDF format).

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