Barack Obama Trip To India $200 Million Dollars a Day

By Andrew Zarowny

What would you do if you were President Barack Obama and your Democrat Party got it’s clock cleaned on Election Day? Get the heck out of the country! Tomorrow, President Barack Obama leaves for India on a ten-day tour ending in South Korea, costing us taxpayers some $200 Million dollars a day! Obama is bringing an entourage of 3,000 people with him. Obama’s trip to India does include a meeting with Prime Minister Manohan Singh in New Delhi. A total of 40 jetliners will haul Obama, family, friends and staff. They’ve rented the entire Taj Mahal Palace & Tower Hotel, all 570 rooms! He’s even bringing his teleprompters with him!

There is no doubt that Obama got his clock cleaned during yesterday’s November 2010 mid term elections. The election results thus far tallied have the GOP winning back the House of Representatives with at least a 63 seat gain. Votes for about a dozen seats are still being counted. gains in the Senate were as expected, at least five seats and possibly two more once Alaska and Colorado are certified. The other major defeat was in state races, where the GOP won at least nine governor races from Democrat-held states and flipped at least 17 state legislators. These will prove crucial as Congressional redistricting is done over the next two years based on new Census data.

The prospects for Obama in 2012 have certainly taken a turn for the worse. Especially in the ‘Rust-Belt’ states; Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, Wisconsin and even in his home state of Illinois. So is it any wonder that Obama would want to leave the country for a while? But does he really need to spend $200 Million dollars a day for his Obama-India adventure?

Obama is already getting off on the wrong foot even before he boards his jet. President Barack Obama spoke about his India trip with journalists from India this morning, telling them that two key issues facing Indo-US relations, a permanent seat on the UN Security Council and an easing of export laws, could be “very difficult and complicated”. Not what they wanted to hear.

Obama’s trip to India does include a meeting with Prime Minister Manohan Singh in New Delhi. The ten-day jaunt through Asia ends in South Korea. Barack Obama has already thrown India an insult, insisting that he be allowed to use teleprompters when he speaks before their Parliament. Teleprompters have never been allowed in the Indian Parliament! So, not only is Obama’s India adventure costing us U.S. taxpayers $200 Million dollars a day, but he’s setting the stage for another foreign policy gaffe which could set back relations with India for a decade or more. The only good thing about Obama going to India is that he won’t be around here for ten days.

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