Obama’s UN Officials Silent on Nine Anti-Israel Resolutions

The United Nations Human Rights Council this month adopted nine resolutions against Israel. The United States opposed nothing.

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The Council, engaged in a “universal periodic review” of human rights protection in Lebanon, was examining a report by that country which expressed its objections to “the establishment of the Zionist entity on Palestinian territory.”

Every United Nations member state was asked to submit a report to the Council on its national human rights record, which was then reviewed by U.N. members who engage in a short dialogue with the state representatives.

After Lebanon submitted its report objecting to the creation of the State of Israel, Israel’s representative responded, “My delegation would like to state on record our strong objection to the inappropriate and abusive language used to reference the State of Israel. Unfortunately, the existence of a dominant terrorist organization, Hizbullah, as well as political tensions and struggles between different vital groups …”

Israel’s presentation then was rudely interrupted by the Council president, the delegate from Thailand, who broke in to summarily recognize the delegation of Lebanon.

“If there were no Israeli occupation there would have been no resistance and resistance of peoples against foreign occupation is a legitimate right. Thank you,” the Lebanese delegate stated firmly, to a hall which broke into applause.

The Council president followed up, “I appreciate the concern expressed by the Lebanese delegation.”.

Other UNHRC members responded with a verbal assault against the Israeli diplomat, which was also not stopped by the Obama administration representative.

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“There is no other terrorism on the surface of the planet like the terrorism committed by Israel,” claimed the Syrian delegate. “This entity was established on the basis of terrorism.”

Another comment by Syria: “Israel… threatens to use nuclear weapons.”

And still another: “Lebanese resistance is not terrorism.”

Likewise the Lebanese representative, who claimed, “Hizbullah was only a resistance movement that had the honor to resist the occupation.” 


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