Daily Telegraph Video: Context Tossed Out With Grenades

A Daily Telegraph online video report leads with the dramatic headline: “Israeli police use grenades in Jerusalem“.

This might very well conjure images more attuned to a Rambo movie as Sylvester Stallone pulls the pin with his teeth before lobbing a deadly explosive towards his enemies. In fact, as the Daily Telegraph report says, the Israeli police are firing stun grenades – a non-lethal crowd control method.

Having conveniently omitted the nature of the so-called “grenades” in the headline, the video report makes an even more serious omission when it states:

Tension in the neighborhood rose further in early October after a Palestinian boy was hit by a Silwan settler’s car.

Again, like in the headline, the statement implies an act of aggression on the part of Israelis, this time towards a Palestinian child. But the report fails to mention that the boy in question was hit as a result of throwing stones at cars, an incident caught on camera and fuelled by the media.

The Daily Telegraph’s video report is lacking in context in both the headline and narration. Please send your considered comments to The Daily Telegraph using the online contact form.


Within 24 hours of the release of this communique, The Daily Telegraph responded by amending the headline, although the video remained online and unchanged.

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