PA Honors Terrorist Prisoners on Int’l Human Rights Day

The Palestinian Authority has honored the oldest and youngest terrorists held in an Israeli prison to mark International Human Rights Day, despite commitments to the United States to halt incitement against Israel and encouragement of terrorism.

PA Ministry of Prisoners ceremony
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PA Ministry of Prisoners ceremony

In a special ceremony of appreciation, the PA Ministry of Prisoners last week awarded special honors to 81-year-old Sam Younis of Kafr A’ara. According to a report published in the PA government-backed daily Al-Ayyam, Younis was charged with membership in the Fatah terrorist organization, attacking an Israeli soldier and attempting to grab his weapon in 1983.

The youngest terrorist to be honored was a young teenage girl – 15-year-old Hadil Abu Turki of Hevron — who was arrested one month ago. This was her second arrest; her first arrest came after she attempted to stab an Israeli soldier in 2009 near the Cave of the Patriarchs.

Families of the prisoners were awarded a special “Map of Greater Palestine” – one that swallowed and entirely erased the State of Israel.

In his address, PA government supervisor of prisoners Issa Keraka called for an international investigation of Israeli “violations” against PA prisoners.

Keraka also called on the de facto PA government in Gaza, run by the Hamas terrorist organization, not to “give in” to Israeli demands for a prisoner exchange deal for the release of kidnapped IDF soldier Gilad Shalit, who was abducted by Hamas terrorists in June 2006.

He further demanded that any deal for Shalit’s release include “all prisoners of east Jerusalem and the ’48 territories” – referring to Israeli Arabs who carried out attacks and have since been jailed.

Shalit’s whereabouts and condition remain unknown, and he has not been allowed contact with anyone, including representatives from the International Committee of the Red Cross or any other international official, since he was kidnapped. Although the Hamas rulers of Gaza, where it is believed he is being held, insist he is alive and well, there is no proof inasmuch as no one has been permitted to see him.

PA prisoners in Israel, on the other hand, are allowed to received visitors and packages from home, including foodstuffs and sweets. They also receive a regular monthly stipend from the PA government. Moreover, PA prisoners are allowed to complete their education in Israeli prisons – some have even gone as far as to obtain university degrees, all at the expense of Israeli taxpayers.


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