Profiling Works – Profile Muslims or Die

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Here is how our present airline security measures have worked and failed, and will progress in the future:

1. We are required to remove footwear because of the failed Muslim shoe bomber Richard Reid.

2 We are severely limited to bringing liquids on planes because of multiple, failed Muslim attempts at destroying airliners. Civilians don’t remember Operation Bojinka which was thwarted by chance in the Philippines.

3. We currently do not all have to be physically searched by humans because of the failed Muslim underwear bomber. This task in the future will be relegated to the intrusive body scanners.

4. Muslim terrorists will laugh at the above 3 measures as these cannot thwart the inevitable – packing explosives into body cavities such as vagina’s and anuses.

This tactic, carrying explosives in your anus, was used by Muslim Abdullah Asieri while attacking Saudi prince Mohammed Bin Nayef (head of Saudi Arabia’s counter terrorism) in September 2009. He spent 30 hours with high explosives packed where the sun don’t shine and it was detonated remotely by a cell phone text message.

A new tactic, announced by UK MI5 on 30 Jan 2010 is as follows:

Bombs and explosives, surgically implanted inside Muslim terrorists, by Muslim doctors, will require the use of MRIs for detection.

Bomb sniffing dogs, X-ray machines, pat down searches, and all other existing technology and methods used today, but restricted by PC will absolutely result in more planes going down with hundreds killed for the crime of not believing in a certain religion.

Short of proctological and vaginal exams at airports, we all are in danger unless authorities START TO PROFILE ALL MUSLIMS. All prisoners and law enforcement know that secondary and tertiary screening is required to ensure safety. To those who incorrectly believe that profiling doesn’t work, consider the following hypothetical scenario: Law enforcement has intelligence that the KKK (Ku Klux Klan) is going to bomb a mosque.

Should police concentrate their efforts in a non-PC way and target potential KKK members?

Or should police act in a PC fashion to not offend KKK members and stop obviously non-KKK members such as blacks, Asians, Jews, Catholics, etc.?

Not profiling because of political correctness will result in thousands of innocent civilians once again being killed. At what point will the people rise up and say, “Enough is enough.”

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There are many people who say that profiling Muslims is racist.

What race are Muslims again?

That’s right, Muslims and Islam aren’t a race.

Mohammed Atta and the other Muslim terrorists destroyed the Twin Towers, part of the Pentagon, but were thwarted by Todd Beamer and other heroes in Pennsylvania.

These Muslims were the ideal citizens, not bringing attention to themselves in any form or fashion. ”

This is the problem – since we don’t know which Muslims wish us death and which don’t, we MUST profile all Muslims lest we once again pay the price of thousands of dead for the warm, fuzzy feeling of saying, “Well, at least we didn’t profile anyone. Political Correctness makes Muslim Terrorists very, very, very happy.

As we can see here, a female Muslim guard with head dress is patting down Christian nuns and old ladies in wheelchairs to appease Muslims.

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The Muslims here, maybe men, maybe women, no one can tell, only have to show their ID cards to proceed. Never mind that Osama bin Laden and Yasser Arafat escaped capture dressed as women wearing burkas. Current Western PC beliefs hold that it is better to die PC correct, than to live and thrive while being logically, analytically, and historically non-PC.

Folks, if anyone is viewing this page with Safari for Mac OSX – please let us know if you can easily see the last picture on this page. It should be a picture of Muslims in burkas with ID cards. We’ve been having major problems editing this post, and only this post for some reason.

One of our consultants (pro bono) thinks there is a strong possibility that we are getting “interference” from a Muslim or a sympathizer to the Islamic cause of worldwide domination. We’re not conspiracy inclined, but it does make one wonder. We will be setting up another, additional alternative blog with a non-TypePad host soon and will post the details. This way, should any of our posters have difficulties viewing or commenting on one platform, you can post to another. We thank you very much for your patience and as always, we will work extremely hard, without pay, recognition, or fame – to help you learn about the real Islam.

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