Israel Air Force (IAF) Buries Gaza Murder Tunnel

Israel Air Force aircraft attacked a terror activity location in northern Gaza overnight (between Thursday and Friday) and bombed a terror tunnel coming out of southern Gaza.

Aftermath of IAF bombing of a tunnel (file).
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Aftermath of IAF bombing of a tunnel (file).

The tunnel was meant for inserting terrorists into Israel for murdering and abducting civilians and soldiers. It would have connected Gaza and Israel, and is not to be confused with tunnels that connect Egypt and Gaza, and serve for smuggling men, weapons and goods into Gaza.

The IDF stated that “Accurate hits on targets were identified. All of our planes returned safely to base. The attack is a response to missile fire on Israel.”

“The IDF will not stand any attempt to hurt the citizens of Israel and the IDF’s soldiers and will continue to act against any element that employs terror against the state of Israel. The IDF sees the Hamas terror organization as solely responsible for what goes on in Gaza and for maintaining the peace there.”


Source material can be found at this site.

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